A Stupid Song

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Can I write a stupid song?, Can I cry forevermore?
Can I leave the past behind?
Can I throw it all away?, I am dancing on my game
do I know what I need to find (so)

Can I scream from night to day?, Can I stand far from my way?
or pretend to be so blind?
Can I cover what I long? 'Cause the truth is not this song
But the truth is that you are not mine
Deepest feelings are a crime...
Can I write a stupid song, if the rainbow is not born
and the dreams are left behind?
Can I run or take a train, that can lead me out of my brain
or just give me to me a sign?
It is you I want to find
The pain sounds alone, so I write this stupid song

Love, your touch, your love...
Love, your touch, your love is what I'm looking for...
Love, your touch, your love, I need your...

Hell is my heaven, don't care what I'm saying
I'm living in a room with my illusions
Crossing the door to forget just my name, only your love can surround me
Tonight '?ll send my prayers, to hide what I feel inside me
Tonight, no more games, I'll lose you, lose it all again

Hell is my heaven, don't care what I'm saying
I'm moving to another direction
I'm leaving behind all your innocent smiles
I'm turning my mind to an action
Tonight I'll ask my soul, to write or to end this nightmare
Come back crystal ball, to tell me where my faith has gone