Atmosphere Of Decay

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Deterioration of the protective layer
Radiation clouds dispensing toxic bacteria
Atmospheric pressure spawns a new epidemic
Imbalance in nature

Mutation, genetic structure altered
Seepage of cancerous spores, pustule discharge from pores
Tumorous secretions, tissue inflammation
Spreading neoplasms, causing convulsive spasms

Mucopus is crusted in the corners of the mouth
Boils swell to the bursting point
Entrails puked up, innards get stuck
Caught in the esophagus

Stomach acids burn through the throat
Dangling intestines dripping with excrement
Ulcers eat through the abdomen
Leaking impurities

Organs spoil turning black with rot
Parasites extract marrow from bone causing brittleness

Leg bones collapse, trunk falls in a pool filled with muscle and blood
Submerged in a gore drenched puddle, melting away
Disintegration, total cell breakdown
All that is left are powdered remnants of a once functioning being

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