Atonic Atrocity

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I cant reach you anymore
cause you wont open up the door
Yeah I dont know you anymore
It feels like I just died
what you said cannot hide
But you will care when I am gone

For the weakness that we share non disparity
for the past and joy of infinity
our atrocity

Lets sing out please do shout
this song is made of sorrow
Lets scream now you know how
We need some time to borrow

You laugh and cry
You live and you die
Yoou twist and turn, you crash and you'll burn

like one, but two there's nothing we cant do
burn ower roots we dont let now one

I know that you're strong
But sometimes you dont know when you are wrong
But I still miss you when you're gone
Thats why I give you another song
And I'll sing it all night long
Dont tell me that its wrong