Mac Lethal

A Tribute To Thundercats

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I used to hold Nintendo games in with another game
Back when Shawny used to give JoJo's brother brain
Before I started on this world buzz
Before bill collector's started calling me more than my girl does
See I was curled up in the corner of my classroom
Sleepin on my desk or I was scribbling these rap tunes
Transfixed on half moons and paychecks
And mad cuz the (?) still jammed in my tape deck
Fuck no I didn't dress out for gym class
I took a nap on the bleachers, top level
Stole all my lunches, didn't go to class and got A's
Cuz there's six million ways to freak a block schedule
And this rhyme's for the high school drop-outs
Restaurant dishwashers and girls who use cop-outs
Artists who ain't being properly respected
And everyone who ever got their phone disconnected
Before Little League Lethal played in-field
I had a Huffy and a yellow-colored big wheel
I buried all my G.I. Joe's in the backyard
But mama made me wear a coat cuz of the wind chill
My role models were the janitor committees
And the punk rock kids who bummed cigarettes at Denny's
Until my girl sent me on my own
I can't be your ex-boyfriend, I'm trapped in the y-chromosome
I don't got a job cuz I don't got a car
I don't got a car cuz I don't got a job
I need to make rent, I need to do something
Instead I'm gonna push the snooze button
With two bucks in your pocket anybody's bitter at the gold rule
I was out-house suspended from the old school
Driving blindfolded, givin em the road rules
Lubricating my feet and slippin down the toadstool
Please don't download my music
The Internet's for porn and talkin shit don't abuse it
Please do download my music tho, fuck it
In high school I used to take the XL2 and dub it
They're very similar so I'ma talk this shit myself
Because the greatest rappers always seem to contradict themselves
And that's me...
One day that will be me

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