Hank Snow

At The First Fall Of Snow

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I talked with a stranger so sad and forlorn
His garments were sack cloth all tattered and town
He told me a story of sorrow and woe
His heart went to heaven at the first fall of snow

He spoke of his angel a dear baby girl
He loved every footstep he loved every curl
But she went to heaven just one year ago
The angels came for her at the first fall of snow.

He still have the dolly that she used to love
He held and caressed it and he gazed up above
He whispered my darling you're waiting I know
I'll bring you your dolly at the first fall of snow.

And there as I listened then my eyes filled with tears
I knew she was part of his happier years
His frail body trembled he spoke soft and low
I'll be with my darling at the first fall of snow.

I just couldn't tell him how I felt inside
I patted his shoulder my feelings to hide
He smiled as we partred cause he didn't know
That we'd lost our darling at the first fall of snow...

Writer/s: Lorene Ross

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