A World Groove

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From Madagascar to Mozambique
Washington to Oman
The drums of war still beat

Business was booming
Now your stocks in the can
because New York City
was the promised land

Conflict of culture
Open season on the free world
Now it's North Korea
but are bigger flags unfurled?

Let's stand tall in uncertain times
A world groove is spinning
No sense to the signs
It's a new world order in infancy here
We're losing generations to chaos
We're not evolving - we are history now.

Fashion is sexy
and the catwalk rules
No winter collections this year
'cause a slowdown brews

Wagner in Israel
But hey, Armstrong -now HE was really King
Well the Beatles to Ellington kick ass
Ya, they're musical genius still sings.

I stand in this holy land
divided by only man
Jerusalem cries for a better day

Fly over oceans far away
Human rights in the light of day
reflect a much different world

America - call it Disneyland
I can't even think about it
On and on it goes
Its best not to think at all...

Earthquake and flood
Tornados touching down
We've got super bowl action here
while aids is killing half the town

Health and disease in Africa
Don't you forget about the acid rain
burning our countryside (down)
in money's name

Lincoln - Jefferson
rolling over in their graves
see modern politicians shrink
from making costly waves

Can you feel the world groove?

Smart bombs and Presidents
United Nations -
Refugees, mercenaries, bankers,
terrorist stations -
Cadillacs, Cartiers
reservations for two -
Kids are starving with gluttony
in plain view

Well, I think I've made my point here
That's all for today
All I want is one more shot
for the epitaph to say:

"All they tried to do is make a difference here -that's it."

Writer/s: Trent Gardner