Lucifer's Friend

Baby You're a Liar

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Baby you're a liar

Truly you're the sweetest thing
I have ever seen
You make me glean the crazy side of love
You're the one who can make me, shake me
Long before my time is due
Move it in the back and slide it from above
But I know a game or two you play
Baby, baby you're a liar and I fell for you
I couldn't get no higher
Without seeing through you
Baby now you've gone away from me
It's all over, bar the crying

Now I've had the time to think about
Where I went wrong
I know I'd run a mile to do it all once more
Spending lonely nights with someone
That I know I'll never love
Wishing things was like they were before
But I've gotten wiser to you babe
Baby I'm a liar and I fell I for you
Baby couldn't get no higher with you, no, no, no
Baby now you've gone away from me
It's all over, don't bother waiting

Writer/s: Peter Hesslein

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