Rockwell Church

Back In Line

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My old girlfriend is serving coffee in Seattle
To the climbers and the rhymers and the fishermen
She says she's happy how can that be
When she doesn't drive a beamer or a Porche or a Benz
She never would have waited tables
If she'd fallen back in line
She swears she's still got time
Time, time, time

My old roommate is an actor
Last we talked that's what he said
But he's and extra so the camera's always cutting off his head
Now he's the poster boy for greyhound
He's going nowhere but his face is all around
He never would have been a bus stop star
If he'd fallen back in line
But he swears he's still got time
Time, time, time

I'm not cut out to be a lawyer yet
No I'd rather we played music at some dive
We'll make seafood on the carburetor
Later on we can flip a coin
To see which one of us will get to drive
Now we laugh whenever we think
We could have fallen back in line
But I swear we still have time
Time, time, time

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