Bad timing song

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Wasn't it yesterday
You felt next to nothing?
And I had to mend myself alone
No hope in your eyes
And wasn't it yesterday
I lay next to nothing?
You felt like a statue in my arms
No feeling at all
How many times have I dreamt of this scene
You coming back and you're crying for me
Saying my name and wondering what went wrong
But I'm different now
And whatever I felt is gone
No love or revenge
Just another bad timing song
You say that yesterday
Is not like tomorrow
Though maybe I love you in my way
I can't love you in yours
Pulling me close and saying your love is strong
Now I know that yesterday
Is not like tomorrow
'Cause you'll be praying my name
And wondering what went wrong

Writer/s: Kipp Lennon / Michael Lennon / Monroe Jones / Scott Crago