Simon Says

B.A.J.S. Radio

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"B.A.J.S. Radio!"
"B.A.J.S. Radio!"

Every time I turn it one the answer's always there
On the radio
Everything it says to me, what I will do and dare
Easy living comes to me through the empty sky

Invisible armies marching through the blue
A crew of millstones turning round to find
And grind your heart, your soul
And everything that's you
It's true
Like glue, they've stuck onto your mind

Turn it on and I can be the ordinary man
Never need to think myself another than I am
Easy living, easy thoughts, just being what they want

But that's just lies the flies have planted in your head
Your dead inside and dying more each day
I say hey, you sucker, yellow turns to red
It's said it's sad but it's the motherfucker's way

But when I wake up tomorrow
I will have the same old sorrows
Though they told me on the show
That they would go away
Somehow there still is more to it
Than thinking you don't give a shit
But then you turn it on again
And again and again and again

"B.A.J.S. Radio!"

So I find myself there, sitting by the empty talk
From the radio
Reading, eating, drinking
Hitting roads just for a walk
That would lead us to a place where we can think ourselves
Thoughts that noone's thought before
Take books down from the shelves

And today I saw some broken
Disregarded human beings
That we never hear about on the morning news
They had hope and they had health
Though without material wealth
And looked as they didn't know the words "win" or "lose"
I shut my blinds upon the party
Writing it off as a heart-ache
That the evening show sure could stop

But I still see them standing there
The echo still remain, though their voices die
Can you hear them through the air?
Surging through the heavens
Across the sky?

Yes I still see them like before
I know it's no illusion, no evening show
Can you open up the door
To make their voices flow
Through the radio?

"Well listen now my friend:
Everything must end
There is no such thing the radio would bring
It's only in your dreams
Phantasies it seems
It would be well, I think, if you saw a shrink
Forget about the past
It will never last
Memories you know will never make it go
Don't think of it at all
Just keep within your walls
'Cause we don't need that show
On the radio

Can you dig it?
Your grave will be buried in itself
Can you dig it?
Why the fuck do you need books and shelves?
Can you dig it?
Our station's got you by the balls
Can you dig it?
No life outside the studio walls
Can you dig it?
We hold your ass in our vice
Can you dig it?
So if your'e looking for advice
Can you dig it?
If you don't want no shit on your toe:
Can you dig it?
Bow down to B.A.J.S Radio

"B.A.J.S. Radio!"