Airged L'amh

Balor Of The Evil Eye

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In the dark forest of his mind and soul, I follow the path the greed of the king
Deep and frozen seas, sights of wounded souls , leading him to the land of lord of Seathroll

Oh, cursed land of Fomorians, lay your hands on this king

I've seen the Balor smile, I've seen the Runes, Fomorians run like dogs thirsty for blood
The Oghams shape in great standing stones, a gory treason a mighty contract
Enslave the tribes of famous Mother Earth

Lugh, God of the Sun, embrace the Tuatha De Dannan, Nuada of the Silver Arm
Will claim his rightful place as king

I am the Balor of the Evil Eye, the great sorcerer a mind of evil
The art of magic handed to me from ancient chronicles of lost Atlantis
I am the one who'll rape your land, your Godless womb, I'll saw the black seed

Writer/s: Airged L'amh