Barbara Allen

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In Scarlett Town where i was born
there was a fair maid dwelling
and her name was no both far or near
and her name was Barbara Allen
'twas in the merry month of May
the greenbards they were swelling
for William on his death-bed laid
for the love of Barbara Allen
he sent his men down to town
to the place where she was dwelling
say "master begs your company
if your name be Barbara Allen"
slowly, slowly, she got up
to the place where he was lying
and when she pulled the curtain back
said "young man, i believe you're dying"
"oh yes, oh yes, i'm very sick
and i shall not get better
unless i have the love of one
the love of Barbara Allen"
"don't you remember, not long ago
that night down in the tavern
you toasted all the ladies there
but you slighted Barbara Allen"
"oh yes, oh yes, i remember it well
that day down in the tavern
i toasted all the ladies there
but i gave my heart to Barbara Allen"
she was walking near the yonder field
she could hear them death bells knelling
and every toll seemed to say
"hard-hearted Barbara Allen"
the more they tolled, the more she wept
'til her heart was filled with sorrow
Sweet William died for me today
i will die for him tomorrow
they buried him in the old churchyard
they buried her beside him
and from his heart grew a red red-rose
and from her heart a briar
they grew, they grew so awfully high
'til they could grow no higher
and 'twas there they tied a lovers' knot
the red-rose and the briar
in Scarlett Town, not far from here
there was a maid a-dwelling
and her name was no both far or near
and they called her Barbara Allen