Bizzy Bone

BB Da Thug

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-Bizzy Bone-Intro-
To the Lords visionares. Dyin in the struggle (Yea). Rest In Peace, that's my A-K-A nigga. Yall don't feel me.

-Bizzy Bone-
See, I was born in the womb, beatin' down my Moms' walls/ Now, in the 90's you can find em makin' a chronic call/ Definitely I needed a blunt, come fill it up with some bud/ East Double 99 for life, ain't no of yall fuckin' with us (I know) There I was with the 'Thug, bustin' with the broke-assed gun/ Tryna bluff my way/ Hey, I pistol whippin' shit/ I'm still number one/ Runnin' the click and fuckin' wit a pump it on up in let the Regime get dumb/ Buckin wit a 50/50 chance/ Bizzy off in your city, ready to dance with these itchy ass hands/ Hey, it's Bizzy on the offramp just 'cause he's thuggin'/ Shit, this music got me soft, tramp/ Even my cousins' buckin'/ But I don't give a fuck, I'm pumpin' onions, the ounces and Bizzy smile/ I made it and you hate it, that's the way the ball bounce/ I keep my gun and make the money, that's for my baby, son/ What a creation in my life; I think he's a thug/ And there I was, fuckin with the Thugsta Lay, with Flesh workin' feedin' the family in the C-L-E-V-E-L-A... better believe indeed/ I got somethin' up under my sleeve/ Connected to the G's... when it gets thoughtless, let's grow some trees/ It's deja'vu whenever I'm with you/ I could smoke on forever; Ain't it true that I do? I can feel it inside, I can't explain how I feel/ Remember when my nieghbor Linda let a nigga eat a meal/ Learn to fight off my back, on my own did I struggle/ In Tha Land on my hustle tryin' to piece on out the puzzle/ Nobody knows when we'll die, it still maintain through the rough/ I be the first to give my life (My life...) BB da thug

Writer/s: Bizzy Bone