Alix Olson

Beautiful Bones

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So, is this what it comes down to
At the hot center of our globe
Past the ice age, past the stone

What it comes down to it seems is survival
And that is you versus me, somehow
two species headlocked in some primitive passion
Both knowing natural selection is bound to bring one of them down.

And when we said we loved, we took each other at our word,
I mean who were you and I to clarify the context of that verb
And so locked deep inside that safety box grew this fear of each other
Like how our mouths would cross their arms and sit and sneer at each other.

You know, a dragon bears her teeth when she is all out of fire
And we were all out of fire, i guess, by then.
Frozen in good intention,
Little icicles of hope clinging to our lips,
but no sound would come out, only little puffs of breath
And we licked each other's wounds until our tongues were iron-clad,
And mine crawled into my lungs, and hung there, heavy and sad.
And evolution, it seemed, loomed on the horizon
As we sauntered past the dinosaurs who all had their eyes on us
And the continent that we'd invented, seemed to much to prove
So we scampered to the edges, there was nowhere else to move.

So, i guess this is a sorry for my tedious reductions,
My arrogant assumptions that life should fit on a page
And i guess this is a thank you for reminding me
That we never intended to be silver screen heroines,
So it's not like we screwed up and got the story line all wrong
Folks like us we tend to make the plot up as we go along.
And perhaps that is the only habit that will stave off our extinction
So I name that habit freedom and I claim it as a privilege
For these two species headlocked and hurdling headstrong through our history
And piecing back the beautiful bones
At the hot precious globe of their what's to be
at the hot precious globe of their what's to be
just a pair of beautiful bones, beautiful bones.

Writer/s: Alix Olson / Chris Pureka / Karen Kane / Lyndell Montgomery / Pamela Means / Ubaka Hill