Hank Thompson

Beautiful Texas

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We've all read of the beautiful stories
Of the countries far over the sea
From whence came our ancestors
To establish this land of the free

There are some folks who still like to travel
To see what they have over there
But when they go look it's not like the book
And they see there is none to compare

To beautiful beautiful texas
Where the beautiful bluebonnets grow
We're proud of our forefathers
Who fought at the alamo

You can live on the plains or the mountains
Or down where the sea breezes blow
But you're still in beautiful texas
The most beautiful place that i know

You can travel on beautiful highways
By cities by village by farms
Or fly above on the skyways
To the beauty below you will charm

White cotton green pastures blue rivers
Golden wheat fields and fruit trees that bear
You may search till doomsday and then you will say
That texas has beauty to spare

Oh beautiful.

Writer/s: W. Lee O'Daniel

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