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A thousand pieces in a jigsaw of beautiful mistakes
The debris of beauty flickers
In the sadness of a smile
It's the perfection of your imperfection

Beauty's when you just got out the shower
Hair still drippin', wrapped up in a towel
Beauty's when you ready in a hour
Them long legs, I call em the Twin Towers
You put that arch in it, put your hand on your hip
Put your hair in a bun, and you handle the shit
Beauty's when the strut compliments sass
You know ya booty look good wit ya confident ass (shit)
Straight up, but the rest swerve
You know it's beauty when the smile is her best curve
That's real beauty, no makeup shit
The girl you dream about, and wanna wake up with
Wait until I'm lookin then you throw it at me
Go down on me, then you look up at me
Awhh man, that shit right there
Probably give your ex nightmares

Miss Brooklyn New York
I'll give you whatever to get to your heart
Know your worth baby girl, love
This Soul Tape shit
Never make shift, all naturale
Put it down
Young Ralph, let's get it

Beauty is knowing nobody's real as you
Truly condolences for that pairs of shoes
Killing the scene, this type of love will make you complete
Now roll the weed and get the munchies, she be the cuisine
When Im her jeans I'm still in tune with the inner being
Her inner thoughts, her worst fears she give to me
Beauty is loyalty to the fullest
'Cause cupid made me a target for she had received a bullet
For she I get super deep, maybe speed up
Before I pull out and sex is a weapon
But beauty don't need a bullet
Beauty is the beauty that her mother gave her
May you be guarded by God, me and grandmamas angels
It's God given, never complicated
A lot of niggas talking, I don't have the heart to say it
The heart to tell you they see potential in how you do it
I pray you know your worth when niggas don't notice your beauty, truly

You see, beauty isn't a rush
It's a process, sometimes it's slow
Yeah, I mean there's beauty in everything, ya know
You just gotta recognize it
Shoutout to the people who do
And I feel sorry for the people who don't
Soul Tape 2

Writer/s: ,Wale