Be Brave Welcome Home

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To all thou knights and to all thou basedworld, come, and as we feast we shall feast for the beautiful based land the based brethren, come to the based demigods, the based lords, based noblemen, all the based, the beautiful based world, please come over here as we have a treat and a feast.

This is a beautiful day today as we wait for the amazing
The graceful little b as he comes to us today
With the happy, happy, beautiful saying
The beautiful, the beautiful little b and I think
He knows the based God. Now please with thou fist
Please hold thou hands. In thy, keep thy love to one
One and the one, love everyone, the one is you
We must love, basedworld paradise, come listen!

I'm coming for the world and it's fuck you bastards
I'm coming from the top and never satisfied with my status
Why am I mad as if I never made it rapping
I made it three times
Came back three times
Say gucci two times
Lil b three times
Knighted by the based God, I never been so worthy
I'm in the based world knowing that I'm not ready
Cause when you stay based everybody don't get it
But everybody respect it, shouldn't be neglected
This based world, feeling in my heart I never guessed it
Based freestyle is the truth, be lucky for the youth

I gave it all to you
I'm fire in the booth
A lion with the proof
Contrary to belief I love them and I love you
This your education
Snatch it for what it's worth
Pray you get a teacher that care if you learning
Want to be a neurosurgeon, I want to be a doctor
The pain in my life I most likely get an oscar
The pain in my life I most likely buy a gun

And put it to my head, the anxiety is killing me
But I'm the type to stay strong through the misery
Can't nobody picture me without a frame of winning
Beginning of the game I run shit like the prison
Tell you this, nigga
Based world is a prism

Don't need to get an id just come in the system
We know who you are, cause you all up in our heart
Basedworld paradise
Thank you so much for listening
And I love you, have a great day

Now free thy, free thy! And now let us move, this is feeling great, we are entering basedworld paradise. Keep your minds open, free thy, free thy mind and thy love, today we have met thy little b and thy based God who show us cleanliness and the way to freedom of love. Basedworld paradise. Thee is the masterful. We are the masterful. Let us recede into the world, basedworld paradise