Bizzy Bone

Be Careful Pt. 2

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-Bizzy Bone-(Big B)-Intro-
You better be careful what you be (Be careful, ooh)/ You better be careful where you go (Ooh)/ Be careful what you do (Careful what you do), fuck it/ You better be careful what you see (Be careful, what you see)
-Bizzy Bone-{Big B}-Chorus-
Keep my nine millimeter c'mon, artillery got gone, they know thats how..../ And keep my nine millimeter c'mon, artillery got gone, they know thats how....(You better be careful/ You better be careful where you go/ You better be careful what you do/ You better be careful what you see){No...}
-Bizzy Bone-
And none of that mimi rappin, I already got self motivation/ Thug devotion, and dedication through every radio station/ They know me all up at the crossroads/ Pump me, can't nobody stop me and when we bringin the message, load up the crossbow/ I see these niggas like the (?) just another lost soul/ Respect the boss though, (Bitch) don't need an encore?/ Been elevatin my fist/ Smoke comin all up under my wrist/ I know that you know I would fuck you up, cause deez is nuts/ I ain't got no love for the bitch, they prolly cross me just to fuck/ If I can get my struggle on, than nigga you could get your hustle on/ What, did I stu-stu-studder? You makin jokes, but you broke tough/ Money money, either with or without you motherfucker/ All day, yall know, hey/ If not my resume, see, and I changed the world/ If not we rearranged Hip-Hop, nigga/ Neva neva neva eva forget if it's all about Bone Thug Mo Thug, Seven Seven, thats my shit/ Nigga lets get it, Little B hit it/ You know me, biotch biotch
-Prince Rasu-
Be careful as fuck, baby, take precaution fo' sho'/ They say that nigga Gotti quiet , better fire off a Calico/ Bastard, I'm a animal/ My guradians was avenues/ My Lord be my shepherd, but my swarms for collatoral/ Who can I trust? Where can I turn? When will it all end? I'm suited up in Timberland boots, Regime marchin' God damnit I'm a grown man, its time to take my own stand/ Fuck the federations, my heart is racin' like grown mens/ Pumpin the anger built up from years of stress, killers and haters surround me daily, no fears of death/ I hear the breaths of angels and demons fightin' over my soul/ Lord, just give me the path through this bloodbath and it's on, Lord/ Roll all haters, out my zone when it's goin' down/ Ride with the 7th Sign/ Violate, we gone clown/ Four pounds be safe in the streets of the showdown/ Love to Gambino, you the chief, dog/ This is your town
-Bizzy Bone-(Big B)-Outro-
Nine millimeter, c'mon/ Artillery, your gone (Your so crazy...)/ Nine millimeter, c'mon

Writer/s: Bizzy Bone