From Autumn To Ashes

Behind The Lies, Inside The Truth

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A lie will always defeat the truth!,
weight leaves in anger from my shoulders.

Words of wisdom, crush hope.
What is real i thought i knew How could i lie to someone i cared for?
How could you lie to me your words pierced me!
for good this was done.
In the end the truth will shine.
to instill truth in your heart,
I beg and plead for you.

A lie from your lips will make me cry out in pain.
As i wish for you to die! how could i lie to you? i cared for you.
How could you lie to me?
your words pierced me! the tremble of your soul injects fear into my heart. I will stand alone.
This gentle mind, the one inside me! will never hurt you, actions speak louder than words will ever so i will show you my sincerity!
in the shape of my still beating heart!

Writer/s: A Lie Will Always Defeat The Truth!

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