Beneath My Feet [Bonus Track]

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Within this darkened corner the warlock proudly crawled upon
I looked beneath my feet and see the soles upon the shoes I wear
In the soles the holes burn deep burn towards the street
I walk on down the street to find the park
In which I have come from
In the park there sits a girl
I want to know that girl...
Sitting in the street, I walk among the souls with no wholes
The holes in my soles and a hole in my soul
I wish towards the star in a vacant light in out star
I walk along the park and in the park I see the girl in the street
The street is the girl- the girl is the street
She wears no clothes and clothes are no weak
I walk towards the street ray gun in my hand...
Reached between my pocket, I reached into my pocket
I wander where she is
Took her, down on the grass
The grass is very brown
I heard psychic screams
I did nothing- she sits with her legs spread
Her legs spread like the morgue glassy blue, her lassitude
I wonder where it is
She sits there...
Wondering, wandering
What happened to our heart?
It decides, I walk towards her
I sit there involved my hands are in my pocket
My pocket and my lassitude, lassitude from my pocket
The cash inbetween us, there sits a wall
A wall I escaped from
I wonder can I get through this wall?...
Is this the world? is this world we have escaped to?
She sits a street corner with her glassy blue eyes
I wonder where she's been?
I wonder who she's fucked?
Who's she fucked?
I wonder where she's been?
It turns me on
This is a vacant lot, I see her walking , the stars
I reached towards the souls, of dead Frankenstein
This isn't what I wanted to be used for
I went towards the glassy view
I reached between her legs
I grasp her heart, heart in my hand
I stick my, stick my, stick my into her, into her
Reaching toward the sky, the stars fall
The soles in my shoe, the soul's in my shoe
Is this a vacant? is this a vacant lot?
Heart in my hand
Ain't she sweet? t-t-tainted
Ain't she sweet? t-t-tainted, darkness souls
On my feet ooww ow oho ooh
Inside her
Inside her
I looked toward the street and walked down with my shoes on my
The holes in my soles
The stars in the sky, I can't reach

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