Bewitch Me

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My dolour
Doleful favour
O' my god
Bewitch me

Melting snow it's a symptom of spellbound spring
Soaked earth in the aflame is ready to love somebody like you

Mephitic girl with she-wolf's eyes
Sitting on your chair as she sways
Under the strange gown
The thrill is covered
She wants to make love

A strange entity drowning in sweetness
Has broken a dreaming seal
From the ice into the flames
She's a painful goddess
A refined countess damned by mercy
Passion is stronger than love

Methinks when I feel
Her softy lips touchin' mine
I lie to myself
'Cause I know that my heart
Is stronger than my mind

And the pain is weaker than wine
A dim intoxication
Remembering the first night
It seems so far away
But she's not evil
Just a bit frightened