Bigger Picture

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It ain't all about da ice, all the nights ah nigga sacrificed (yeah)
It ain't all about dese hoes, I know how it feel to go broke (yeah)
It ain't all about da cars, I grind and I grind hard (yeah)
It ain't all about dese clothes, my nigga dead god bless his soul (yeah)

Er since my grand daddy died (what), I ain't been da same nigga (nope)
Had sickle cell (where) all inside my lil sister
I'm fucked up inside, put mo lean inside my system
Every day I tell god I wish snoop was still living
I ain't forgot about ya nigga, Free band gang winning
I do shit fo alonzo, ah junkee stabbed my nigga
Dat could of been me serving, you don't know da half of it my nigga
Da weight I'm dealing with, I just might start killing shit
I hit da studio vibing, spitting da realest shit
I should of seen ah psychiatrist, I was built fo dis
On da road of riches ain't about ah bitch
Those dvs on wink and kiss, paid dues are overdue
Dis shit ain't bout my neck and wrist, real shit

It ain't all about da glitter
And da gleam it ain't what it seem (yeah)
But I'm grinding like ah blender
I'm a whip into I get dat cream (yeah)
I keep it G who keep it G with me,
I fuck with who gon fuck with me (yeah)
It ain't all about dese bitches, death to you snitches,
I'll die by dese riches (yeah)
I'm on ah countership with Ceelo, Rest in peace to prime,
And free my nigga Auto (yeah)
You niggaz wanna B-LO (be LO) but you can never B-LO (be LO)
Cause you can never C-LO (see LO) (yeah)

Thousand dolla shots on my face, I'm coolin it
I rock da gold, keepin it basic it ain't bout da gliss
I want da type of check I can make my niggaz rich
Alot of people talk dat loyalty don't know what it is
Have you ever been so broke you don't even wanna live?
So fucked up to da point dat even funerals can share da tears
Gotta grind so fucking hard da shit bring ya to tears
Forgot to call my momma on her birthday god bless da kid
Phone was barely ringing now it's ringing till it's dead
I'm bout ta run dem m's up mutha fuck da feds
Got my money in ah wall, ain't fucking up my bread
I had ah talk with da messiah and this is what he said