Amy Martin


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The coyotes are singing their sagebrush song again
Fighting with the stillness
Screaming at the mountains

Who knows why they do it
Why they cry in secret chorus
Is it love, or hunger, or loneliness

Push it out
Pull it off
Take it away

The only light I live in
Is the light reflected
From 10,000 miles away

It cuts across my horizon
A phantom phoenix
Marking the hours of this endless ache

Guidebook to my soul
Written by one who's never been there
Still I search it for suggestions, for the answer, for directions

Can you tell me all my fears
And then tell me they're unfounded
Can you bring me back to grounded, to my breath, to my body

The coyotes are singing their sagebrush song again
Shouting down the silence
I know exactly what they're saying

I'm the most secret member of their secret chorus
And I don't know why
We're just howling tonight

Sometimes this land gives comfort
Sometimes it holds nothing but an echo
And a shivering coyote