Black Imperial Blood

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Far beyond any times...
Once was a garden in eden
Ignorance can't be kept
By the one made to rule

Through ancient times of hidden dimensions
I rised immortal as a plague
My kingdom opens as the gates of hell
Riding the blizzard, wolves bark

Controlling a barbaric real of unknown
Where bats fly in the candles' light
Frozen mountains reaching the sky
Hiding the castle of doom

Sorrow spreads, the populations cry
Pawns don't need to feel
Weakness is to be driven
Humans need a guide

Learning mystical sphere of knowledge,
Becoming self a god

A dark supremacy from
Ancient forgotten forces
But only one is born to rule his ego,
Those of a dead god, to be the one...
Diabolical intelligence, conspiracy and war
By hate and fear i lead their souls
As the serpent, i am their knowledge
My power is far scealed
In their empty thoughts...

As the world falls in ruins, chaos is mine
My throne darkening the lands
Oppress the masses
War rules the earth

I am the highest emperor
Black forces domination
A world of endless dusk
Into the mist of darkness

Death rises and laughs...

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