Siouxsie and The Banshees

Black Sun

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Here it comes - and I'm struck twice
By lightening bolts straight out of the blue
Like a storm of steel inside of me
An elemental hymn of sorcery

Here it comes - and I'm bewitched
By creeping claw from volcano core
Searching out my dormant head
I feel an ugly head start to rear

Black Sun - deep as emptiness
Black Sun - beyond the skies

Here it comes - and I'm possessed
There's no refuge, no shelter here
For all the urges I'd thought interred
No sanctuary - no, none are spared

Black Sun - spirits deranged
Black Sun - beyond the skies

Once more demons plunge
Back to shadow's stain
And leave my nerves full drunk on blood
'Til just this mist of sound remains

Here it comes - my Black Sun

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