Frozen Mist

Black Widow

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She arrives at the cemetery gates
Floating above the midnight skies
The wind of October circle around her
I await for your taste of lust

Ghosts of Lilith spread like the plague
Surrounding this passion i cannot resist
A brief pause of momentary silence
withdrawls from my erotic mind

My black widow, arise from your grave
To summon the beast, within my heart
Your silhouette of shadows... left stillborn
Black tears trickle down your precious face

I caress you. Hold you tight.
Possessed with your haunted spirit
The cradle of life fractured in my hand
There are no fears as we become one
I reunite this passion of love
Gasping for your soft breath
I touch your ever so lush lips
My succubus delight, I long for your desire

The rain secludes my lonely mind
bringing fourth a severed kind
Casting spells of drowning hatred
These wretched scars heal my sight
The clouds open with sheer delight
Falling tears into my eyes
They corrupt your shallow gravestone
to arise within this black night

Your fate my dear will forever reveal
A corrupted state of ephemeral doubts
Your twisting lace of lustful dreams
has brought me to this wicked place

The frozen mist shall cover your eyes
to leave you in total fear of misery
This neverland of exotic dreams
I wrap my arms around your eternal bliss

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