Janez Detd


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I'll blame myself for not ignoring you
For guys like me, it's just brutal truth
No relationships without boundaries or snobby rules of credibility
If I had found you sooner, maybe you'd have found me saner

She dons a nice and sparkling red top
Figure hugging, soft to touch
Black and baggy trousers to facilitate
Whiping of records on her teenage sum
Breathing, bleeding

I close my eyes and wonder why she's truly gone
We never fought, no harsh words, we got along
It's over, why don't you believe it?
It's hard enough
She's what I eat, she's what I breathe and sleep

My stupid lines, she hardly gives a hoot
Returned phonecalls? Idiotic noodge!
She's got me scattered, feel like a dipwad
Breathing, bleeding
Goddamn, I am a broken-hearted loser!

You're so unique, your bullet belts, your faded jeans, built-in mystique
Your sizzling smile is so complex, your nervous giggles echo away

It's over, why don't you believe it?
It's hard enough
I'm searching for the truth in your scary lies