Steel Pulse

Blame On Me

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David Hinds
No time to linger
They'll point their finger
I'm like a fugitive 'cause they're after me yeah arh!
These exploitations
False accusations
The judge and jury they won't listen to me
Well I've had enough of this
What kind of fix I'm in
I won't confess to
Cause I did not commit this crime no

There they go placing all the blame on me
Won't someone there wake me from this crazy dream

Why all these questions
The pressures lingers on in my memories yeah ahh!
Where is the justice
To this ya conflict
Upon my shoulders lie the burden to be free
I've got to run and hide
Though I've got an alibi
Someone to testify that I did not commit this crime no!


Want to see me dressed in chains
Lord God knows that I've been framed
Old time saying back again
Who feels it know it Lord..... Whoops!

Brand me an outlaw with a price on my head
Bad-minded people want to cut my natty dread
Dem perpetrators want my neck in a noose
And they don't give a damn about hearing the truth
But I've had enough of this
I say this case dismissed
Not guilty my verdict
This crime I sure did not commit no no no

There they go Over there yonder there Backway Yeah Yeahee Yeaha!

Writer/s: David Hinds