The Triffids

Blinder by the Hour

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Now you'll have to hold me up
And now I'll have to fall
Sew up my eyelids, stitch up my lips
Take me down Roman stairs through your secret back door
With your lips for food. andyour skin for sheets
Your eyes for light, and your blood for heat
And your two white arms for an overcoat

Lay me down now by your side
For I'm blinder by the hour
Take me down, out of sight
For I'm blinder, blinder by the hour

O bundle me tight in your overcoat
With the damn-all we said and the damn-all we wrote
In the stillness of breath. in the dampness of walls
We are taking the cure, we are taking no calls
With our hair for straw. and our teeth for dice
Press air through my lips. slap me once or twice
I know your secret delight in vice

And this is all I have
And this is all you get

With my lips for food, and my skin for sheets
My eyes for light. end my blood for heat
And my two white arms for an overcoat

And this is all I have Lay me down
And this is all you get Take me down

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