Lucifer's Friend

Blind Freedom

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Try just a little harder
And you will see
That your life will get stronger

* Just one touch
From the hand of magic
Freedom lies over the hill
Drinkin' his wine
Biding his time

** We've got a lot to be grateful for
We've got a chance
Let the lovelight open your door
Just too much
The cries of a hungry child
Sound of love
Heart out of time
Breaking his mind
Glad he ain't mine

See the sun in the early dawn flying high
Thinkin' of better times
And dreamin' of life yet to come
Tomorrow's the next day in your life

Bless your heart, we've spent a lot of time
Drinkin' wine, yeah, floatin' by
Drink yourself, we're goin' to need some time
To change the light of day into tomorrow's night

So what should you listen to

Run, let freedom show you the way
Wings that can fly
Will bring you a better day

* repeat

** repeat and fade

Writer/s: Peter Hesslein

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