Bloody Basin

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Skin peel like pink ribbon to the floor
Catching the falling sun, pressing it to her smile
Watch and beware of all she said and did
Time waits for no one, especially when you're dead
Cross the sea and walk with me
Cross the stars and sigh with me
Cross the lies and awaken with me
Cross the time and fly with me
Glimpsing the pretty girl dancing in front of me
Naked in her eyes for all the world to see

Taking the razor tongue, trimming the paper doll
Glass feels like nothing when you're completely numb
Look inside her eyes, a well of hopelessness
Cascading dreams obliterate this night
Pick up the slivered mirror, carving another face
Staring back at someone else, she's left without a trace
La, la, la...
Tired and afraid of the mess she's made
Cutting perfects emptiness when you're caressing a blade