Kool G Rap and Dj Polo

Blowin' Up in the World

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Back in the days was kinda crazy, kid I started out with nothin
Wasn't livin like Thanksgiving, I was turkey without the stuffin
Sometimes I sweared to God that I was headed for the poorhouse
Say mama caught the drama, she would bleed tryin to feed 4 mouths
Wasn't rockin Girbauds, I barely had clothes, and when it snowed
and temperatures droppin below zero, you know I froze
No CD's, a black and white TV, a seat is a rubber tire
with a hanger for the antenna, turned channels with some pliers
Had nothin in my cabinet, but cans of Raid
I'm knockin on my neighbor's door
to borrow a cup of sugar for my Kool-Aid
I wasn't freshly dipped, my gear was straight ripped, I'm trippin
cause my winter coat got lost buttons
and zippers that wouldn't stay zipped
I never remembered ?, the brother was straight fat cat
Not even a Big Mac black, I had Kid Castle topped with crackerjacks
Walkin the streets, with the weak sneaks on my feet
And the freaks wouldn't speak, I never had lipstick on my cheek
So much for gettin humped from the stunts, I always struck out
The one y'all likes is takin hikes if you can't pull a buck out
So now I gots to dedicate my next plate to all the homeboys and girls
Straight up baby, I'm blowin up in the world

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