Lucifer's Friend

Born On The Run

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Run through the night
Though the shadows are chasing
Rain and the wind
Beat my face as I go

Keep movin' on
My first time and I'm drownin'
So hard to run
I got no place to go

Frightened to turn
Don't know what's behind me
Fear of the doubt
Keeps my head running wild

Keep movin' on
Through the night that surrounds me
So hard to run
Just a nobody town

* Questions I've asked
All the answers the same
Nobody seems to know why
Raised so wild
I'm too hard to tame
Keep movin' on
Maybe someone will die

Brought up in the dirt
Never heard of good livin'
Folks died young
Preacher told me so

Life is to take
Never heard of givin', no
Born on the run
I got no place to go

* repeat 2 times

Writer/s: Dieter Horns

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