Little Feat

Boom Box Car

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Yeees your drivin me crazy with your boom box automobile
Yeaaa your drivin me crazy with your boom box automobile
and i'd love to see you lose the keys to that menace on four wheels
So everybody know wonder why your paints begun to peel
and those subwoofers hammerin, they give my head a pain
Its either you or me if its me ya see i just got to plead judge I'm insane

You in your boom box car 2x
You gone and drove me too far, with your boom box car

With all that rap a dap a lappin and those bass drums a flappin at a million and twenty three Db's
its got my eyeballs bleedin and my ear drums a pleadin I'm beggin mercy please please please

But what has got me so mad is when you tell ya old dad, your bout as square as you can be

Now hey would you think ima neater if i blew out your tweeters with this twelve gauge across my knee


You know that back in my day, we'd drive our chevrolets and take our dates way up on blueberry hill, and with very straight faces say "The Submarine Races" Hey they start about quarter till

But now you and your clowns just like to ride around town with your volume knobs at ten, and the only thing bangin in back of your station wagon is the beat and bouncin offa your head, you might be brain dead... Soon be stone dead

Chorus till end

Writer/s: Gabriel Paul Barr / Paul Barrére