Chris Webby


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Yeaaah, all you motherfuckers
Turn it up let it (bounce)
In the trunk let it (bounce)
Throw em up let it (bounce)
Yeah bitch, this is what we do when we verbally turn em out
With the speakers to the maximum, baby just let it bounce
Now, in a crowd let it, (bounce) turn it loud let it (bounce)
Blow em out let it (bounce)
Yeah bitch, this is what we do when I show em what I'm about
With the speakers to the maximum baby just let it bounce

It's that evil rap nemesis, puttin' together sentences
Faster than that hedgehog runnin' on Sega Genesis
Higher than the hooves of Pegasus, and let the pencil hit
The paper harder than a bus, Jerome Bettis it
Let it be said a bit with the excellent rhetoric
My vernacular's spectacular, step to me and I'll settle it
If mastery of language was the goal, then I'm ahead of it
You can't connect the checks that I'm cuttin' down in Connecticut
My flow is art, rib cage, got a soldier's heart
Verbally a double barrell shotty, leave you blown apart
I'm such an animal they kicked me off of Noah's Ark
Cause they keep on comin' up shorter than Napoleon Bonaparte
Me? I'm a tall dude, never let you fall through
Hard as granite dammit, these bitches softer than dog food
Shoot em up, R2, drop so many bars you
Haters quit your job, cause there's nothin' to argue
Now let it

White boy rap sergeant, buzz bigger than Cartman
Mentally a menace, my brain's the size of a Martian's
Used to be broke as fuck at the mall lookin' for bargains
Now I got a gold card, cha ching, charge em'
Started off small now I do it for the masses
Spit it greater, incinerate em, burn em to ashes
Now these new college kids think that they can match it
Bitch I drop classics, all you droppin' is classes
Who needs Hofstra? Hip-Hops my donna school
Hotter than my mamas macaroni with some gaba gruel
Yeah I'm cocky as fuck, just bein' honest fool
Being modest isn't in a single molecule
In my whole body, who's touchin' me nobody
Now I'm up on iTunes takin' yo money
Give a shit my nose runny cause I spit it so sick
Now bounce turn it up in the whip, cause you know we gonna

I'm that dude with a 40 while everybody sippin' Rozay
No filter on my mouth, not a thing I won't say
Check the clocks like Coldplay, know what time it is
And my future still looking good like Marisa Tomei
Huh, beatin' me? no way, bitch you better ease up
Who needs a label? only thing I'm signin' is a prenup
I'm a beast why would I compete with these chumps
I'm an 8 ball, they only equal the key bump
Keep my bars hot, rappin' in the car lots
Private school trainin' at the school of hard knocks
They pop the hard rock, I'm makin' your jaw drop
So high, I'm up in the sky with Star Fox
Hip-Hop veteran, rockin' a weightless Letterman
Bad to the bone you can check my damn skeleton
Webby ready as ever you better let me in
Come on bounce let me tell em' again
So just