Break the Silence

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Tear down the walls, all must fall
Break the silence
Scream if no one hears, have no fear

Kill the silence, keep strangling with velvet ropes
The unheard violence, was never there
If never told

Rays of golden sunshine, have never felt so cold
For a while she stopped living, but still she's growing old
As the seasons change
And the world rearranges itself for a new day
She seeks for a way
And a place to escape the eyes that made her into prey

With a mouth full of feathers, she screams but no one hears
Everything that once mattered, dissolving into tears
Try to make a sound
But he turns around as if she never was there
After all these years
The words failed to reach the place that he once called his heart

Leave me in your world of apathy
And we are no more, a fading memory

They who surrender, and tear down the walls
will have to rebuild them, before darkness falls
They who let love in, will have to repay
For hearts ever fragile, continue to break

For those who still have a voice deep inside
Don't let the silence, kill you tonight

Leave me alone, leave me alone, I do not need to hear to know