Lost Society

Brewtal Awakening

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4 a.m. get up to a scream from my neighbor bitchin' again
My head's exploding, I'm not moving
I think I might be dead
Last drink gone, but I feel drawn to a pill on my floor
Red pills blue pill not again... All I need is more!

Round two! Fighting for the right of brew!
Round two! Fighting for the right of brew!

Heads up, I'm getting back on track
Last time ready for the attack
Last time not so well, I guess
Little by little it's going down

If you wanna get out alive you better step out of my way
Cause I want it now, what! Now, yeah! now!
I want it now!
Let's go! Uh!

Brewtal awakening
I'll take you everything
Brewtal awakening
Coming your way... 2, 3, 4!

Oh shit
Bombs away, ready for the bell
All I gotta say is n.w.l.
Ready for the fight, ready for tonight, going 'til the last
Light's out
Problems coming right to me, killing my reality
Going all in, all at stake
Tonight I'll make my last mistake!

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