Little Feat

Brides Of Jesus

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Matthew stood by the wall and watched his love below
Her pale hair came in golden rings down below her shoulders
As she waved and slowly turned around
To find the path that led her to the ancient gate was closed

She said, "Matthew why won't you tell me what it is you see?
Your smile so wide, this figured grin
You look as if, you look as if you're looking right through me
Why won't you tell me how it is you see
Through the darkness all around me?"

No amulets or chains will work to keep the demons from
Or hide the night filled eyes from the brides of Jesus

The brides of Jesus
The brides of Jesus
Keep them over me

Keep them over me, can't you see?
On tender hooks and to be pleasure bent
His voice, it scratched the air
Oh, may bring you so much sorrow
That you may be entertaining angels unawares

Writer/s: Bill Payne / Lowell George