Broke Wide Open

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Just one quick glance was all that it fucking took.
Trapped in your stare of judgment as we pass by each other on the street,
and I look into your robot eyes
as you make your careful calculations.
I choke on your perfume as you file me into the lower class.
The moment stretches as I hear the cries of everyone
that you have stepped on.
So many throats bled dry to get to who you are today.
A lifetime spent swinging the sharpest of knives.
Oh, how I'd like to take it all away.
One twitch of the finger,
one moment of heartfelt compassion.
Break you wide open stare,
Straight through your center.
A lifetime spent with so little sweat
that nothing in you grew nothing but vanity
and twisted wires from a rusted heart that
slightly resembles a cash register.
Just one look says it all.
While you figure it out,
just what I'm worth,
and that's the best that you've got.
That and a thousand dollar hand bag.
How I'd like to wash it all away.
There is a middle in you somewhere.
for the world to see.
One quick, beautiful, violent motion.
A lifetime spent swinging the sharpest of knives...
And you wonder why I'm so obsessed with guns...