Simon Says

Brother Where You Bound?

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Computer crackling
Chit chat voices fill the air
A moment's touch of insight
But that's nothing they will share
The politicians' minds are mighthy strange indeed
The law of least resistance
Can make their venom bleed

Once there were ideals
Now only deals
It's true the problem lies with you
And with all the things you do
How come no one sees you through?

The hour's come
Forget the days that you have won
The snake is in the garden
But the gardener is gone

Talk is cheap
Let money speak
What is yours to grow
Is mine to own
The righteous minds no bother anymore
We kicked them out the other door

Polluted seas and burning trees
Don't matter when it comes to earning
Tricks and treats will keep folk on their feet
Making ends meet

It's just the same way as before
Always the search for more
Though now the stakes are getting higher
And if the song remains the same
It's high time to turn to a new refrain
And try to set it all on fire

This carousel is made in hell
And faster than a streak of lightning
But so if someone's cast over the side?
They should have let themselves be tied

So Tardigrade
You've got it made
If you'd only let me be your teacher
Give me a pound a dollar or a yen
I'll turn it to ten

It's just the same way as it was
You leave my no choice because
You'll only put our lives in danger
So go on kick me through the door
'Cause I'll never be your obedient whore
Because I couldn't be a stranger

I could be faithful to the ordinary man
By building castles high
And hide my head in sand
But I will take it as it comes
Everything is now
So then why should I be gentle
To the ground on which I stand?

I could walk miles for you
And tell you why you are
I could turn tables round
And bring you to the stars
But I will take it when it comes
The only one who runs
Is the one who thinks he's stronger
Than the tidal wave of war

Once I was the city keeper
Now I'm just a fool
A shy dumb boy
Walking home from School
Once I fought for freedom
And equality for all
A brotherhood of Man outside these walls

Silent fell the Willow Tree
Shed it's tears on the dying ground
Uttered one last sound:
Tell me brother where you think you're bound?

Once I saw the glory
Reside in every man
Now I only think I barely can
Once believed in people's love
And goodnes at the core
But time has left us
Stranded on the shore

Silent fell the Willow Tree
Begotten years weigh it's burial mound
The question so profound:
Tell me brother where you think you're bound?

You're treading on my grave
I'll tell you nothing will remain
Humanity has rin to meet it's end
I know the reason
I see the treason behind

You're standing by the roadsign
And it tells you where to go
But people hurry by and never know
That there's a reason
Don't see the treason behind
They are only glad they are blind

So many times it seems
I've walked this road before
Passsing my days without trying
To just do something more
So many times I've felt the sun warm my face
And never understood
That everything comes back again

Take me now, I bid you Sir,
Please take my soul away
'Cause I don't want to see the coming day

Maybe that time will start running round it's wheel
Don't know
Hunger and pain is all that remains
Maybe that life
Will fly from this case of steel
And come to us again
When we are more sane

So welcome
I've known for so long
Your picture on the mantlepiece is here
Seeing is believing
The Spiders are deceived
By dying you bring life to this world

Talke my hand I'll show you
Where the water's rushing in
Gulls fly high the mystery lies within

Maybe your voice will be remembered
Through the years
No tears are shed in vain
And time has no chain
Maybe your struggle will breed another life
Come here to me again
I am the rain

Now you have paid
I just wish that you'd have listened
Computertronics let it all be said:
Tardigrade's dead

We walk the same road as before
Build on the need for more
Don't see it putting us in danger
And so the song remains the same:
Snapshots of life passing frame by frame
Don't see it turning us to strangers