4th Disciple

Bump Bump

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[Intro: Raekwon (Prince Po)]
Time to establish, you know how it's going down (Yeah) Word up
What up Prince Po, what up baby? (Yeah)
Shallah Raekwon, Lex Diamond, let's get it to 'em

[Chorus: Prince Po (Raekwon) {both}]
{Aiyo, come through} Come on
You know we do it big girl, don't front front
(Get dipped, tell your friends, we got the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump) what
{Come through} We get it crackin' dog, don't front front, yeah
{Givin' hummin' in the Benz} (We got the) {bump bump}
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)
The what? (the bump bump)

[Prince Po]
Its a wrap slick, still on point, like a cactus
It's that new Prince Po shit, get at this
Mami's love to mack this, breakers do back flips
We buggin' in the club, in the cut like cat piss
It's hood love, baby, give my sounds to blackness
Eight kids are under the mattress, for survival tactics
Ma, don't try to ride with no practice
Hit up til you heat up skeet, and your body collapses
Girl, I can't help it, I'm nasty
Put in a lot of work, so my hands stay ashy
Stack and cop, houses to land, machines is classy
Diamonds is hollerin', and sayin' you got some greens to pass me, so


Word to my Nike Airs, I been reved years ago
How many years a nigga done blessed, here's the flow
Word up, magazine, chrome gats, all in my backs
So many live niggaz, all day high niggaz and grown bats
Play the hood, stay in the hood
Display mad '88, gettin' weight, Rae and them good
Play the rooftop, black caught her, quarter in my pocket
Hit the booth up, blow like shorty got a rocket
So much talent to spray, me, I never leave
Stand there, get my money, let fam breath
Connect like opposites, blow like tropical weed
Hit Hawaii up, fuckin' in the cockpits


[Prince Po]
Fried chicken, ghetto funk, mic control
Young thelonious monk, still ice cold
Teen and meanin' the collard greens, stomp through the jungle
Lambs shakin' they amps, catch up if you want to
Got you on the lean, like wits, murk you through Queens
Dippin' in between your lanes, like we crumbs, in the seats seems
You ride with pros, Rae and Po, straight hoe's, meet in Paris for shows
Funked dub it like a dunk from Shaq, down low
Nasty habits, Prince Po, Madlib, beg for blows
Straight gully like the seventy's, heavy for sure
Aiyo 'Lib, they small fries, we Big Macs to go
Adrenaline pumpin', we got it jumpin' dog, it's nothin'
Carnivores, man huntin', once we start dumpin' the duke
For the love of your life, stop frontin'
Might hit up your click tonight, we havin' a little somethin', so


[Outro: Raekwon]
Ya'll know how it go down, y'all know how it go down
Lex Diamond, Prince Po (you know what I'm sayin?)
We the illest niggaz, yo (you tell a wack rapper, that, youknowhatimsayin
Word up, you knowhatimsayin? Watch them Uncle Peaches ass niggaz, you
Chuck Berry haircut ass niggaz out there, yo, word