John B.

Burning 4 U

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Saying how I feel so deep inside (now girl)
You're something special, don't you know
Treasure it's mystery I find (now baby)
Girl for now we can take it slow

In the air outside I feel you
And you know just where you're goin'
Girl I need to have you right here next to me
If you know just what to do
Then baby come I can show you
It's a different way with me

Blazing bright
This candle's burning 4 U
It's late at night
It's cold outside
This candle's burning 4 U

Saying how I feel deep inside
We have something gentle
Girl you know
Measure up the distance
Can we find (out baby)
Just how far this thing will go

Oh girl, it's like a natural high
I got a love I can't be denied
Hey girl, just give my love a try
And I won't let you down