King Los

Burn Slow [feat. Wiz Khalifa]

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[Verse 1: Los]
Let the past burn like the ash burn
I remember last time they said this was my last term
But paths turn and directions changed
And we know respect has changed and perspectives changed
Some niggas respect the game, some niggas neglect the changes
Fuck it, I accept the blame
I feel it's foolish to lecture lames
So those of you that chose to have goals just perfect your aim
For all the shit that we was never told
We probably poor cause they said good names was better than gold
And I'm willing to bet it in gold
That I'll never change for all the chains embedded in gold
She felt that any type of warmth was better than cold
Cause nowadays just being comfortable is better than growth
I mean who gets who better than Los
But those who yet to succeed feel they better than most
It's like they disagree with history
Let's pretend this is isn't me and just agree to disagree
They dissin' me, I distance me
Persistently consistently
Assisted by the shit in the swisher
Nigga watch it...

[Hook: Mickey Shiloh & Los]
Burn slow, burn slow
And when you burn it baby, burn it baby, burn slow

I hope all your grindin' pay off and turn to dough
I hope your niggas never snitch and turn to po'
I hope your biches is faithful and never turn to hoes
I hope when you roll that shit and light it's burning slow
Cause when it's burning baby, when it's burning baby, burn slow

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Take a look at me, you gone fuck around and see success
Admire how I dress, know I'm smoking on the best
On my way up, got my cake up
I remember them long night I had to stay up
In the chronic, I was just hustling
A young nigga out here tryna make something from nothing
Nothing is was niggas gave us so I put both of my chucks in
Making sure promoters pay us, making sure labels gon' slave us
Now my merch fill up trucks, Perrier-Jouët fill our cups
I hear 'em talk but they don't walk, they're haters, they don't want what
I'm from a place where paper talk so you should shut the fuck up
Pounds I blow those, real niggas I know those
We ain't cut across no roads me and my niggas...


[Verse 3: Los]
Y'all niggas running in places, I'm running the place
I question some of your greatness, I summons the greats
Must I include that I conclude what you come to debate?
Cause you come to degrade, but you never come to the bank
You find comfort in rink, I'll find you, and come for your rank
Like how the fuck you play tough but don't come to the paint
I ain't brushin' niggas off, I'm comin' to paint
Just tryna double my cup and lean niggas like cups full of drank
Drink it, slowly homie, don't OD like an OG told me
My Rollie was forty, Bodie you don't know me, I roll with rollers and riders
Riders, yeah, we 'bout it, 'bout it, yeah
And by the year, 2013 I got a lot to hear, it's a lot of scared
Niggas cause they dealin' with they feelings, but they dealin' with a villain
I'm a kill 'em cause they chillin' and I never get no sleep nigga
If it ever gets so deep nigga, I'm a never get to know these niggas
Know me nigga, I'm dope like a whole key nigga, you a ho not a homie nigga
You bitch niggas can't hold me nigga, so it's back to old me nigga