B-U-T-T Out

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You want to come too. We know you do.
And maybe someday you will.
She wants to come now, No way, no how!
Sorry, negativesville
Why not? Why not? Let's see, why not.

Lizzie's very biggie , we'd rather you weren't along today
But shouldn't we tell her why?
We'd just rather you weren't okay?
Now back off and say goodbye.
We'd rather be picked up by a twister,
Than tagged along after by a sister.
We'd rather eat french fried garden snails.
We'd rather lose all out finger nails.
Or bathe in a pool of slime!
Hasta la vista, baby sista!
Maybe some other time.

B-U-T-T out! B-U-T-T out!
Turn your tiny frame about and B-U-T-T out!
Ya betta, ya betta, ya betta, ya betta,
B-U-T-T out!
It's not that it makes us gag to drag a tagalong tot and tow
It's not that you embarrass us in front of everyone we know.
It's not that you are such a snot nosed brat.
It's not that you're nosy, it's not that you're a rat.
Although that may be true.
It just that this mission is dangerous,
And we care so much for you.


Beat it! Amscran! Hit the Highway!
See ya! Ciao! Vamoose! Be off! Reduce!
You're gonna, you're gonna, she's ain't gonna wanna, B-U-T-T out!

Lizzie, you just can't come today.
Maybe next time we'll see.
Maybe a year from this coming May, or maybe next century!
It's not that you might be out of place.
It's not that we can't stand your face,
or that you're not of the human race.
It's just that you're too young!

Be a sweetie, b-u-t-t, B-U-T-T out!
Eat your Zitti,b-u-t-t, B-U-T-T out!
Please go pee-pee,then you gotta BUTT out!
Take a hint, take a hike, B-U-T-T out!
Ya betta, ya betta, ya betta, ya betta, B-U-T-T out!

Writer/s: John Forster

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