Lucky 7

California Girl

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I saw her about a month ago.
Long blond hair and a turned up nose.
Her eyes shine like a diamond ring.
She looked at me and I gave her a smile.
Asked her if we could hang for a while, just cruise in my caddy with me.
'Cause she's so fine.
And I wanna make her mine.
I hope tonight I will see her with the ragtop down,
Starlit sky, pretty little blue gleam in her eye.
She's my California girl.
Summertime is always the best.
Hanging out chilling with my friends.
Drinking juice making memories.
But summertime will never be the same.
Until that smile falls on me again.
Do you know what she means to me.
Day dream bothers me.
When I can 't be there by your side.
Minutes last forever.
Why sit alone?
When we could be together.

Writer/s: Booker T. Jones / Eddie Floyd / Lucky 7