Can You See Me Now?

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Setting out with a scythe to calm their hybris
All their stupid hopes will wither
I shall wake them from this dream
Oh, their murmuring tongues I will slither
And the world shall tremble at my feet

Oh their laughter
As my nervous grin was smacked from face
I thought that I deserved it
The mirror had already told me how deserving I was
Of abuse to body and mind
And so with time grew hate where love once resided

Years pass but a change won't surely come
You know that those who don't deserve it
They gnaw and they claw their way while
Always licking upwards and furiously kicking down
So what is status? It's a value standing firm
But I will be the hand of those whose faces you stepped upon
I am plotting with every breath I take life is at stake

And as your children shape themselves in your image
When they grow up to be just like you
And when they push the kid with the glasses
Face first in a puddle of mud
Will you secretly smile and think "that's my boy"?

One day you won't be so lucky
My only fear is to go by unnoticed
I demand you to see me this time
Therefore I long to be apprehended
And watch you closely as you learn it was always I