Adrian Bourgeois

Celebrate The News

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I would walk a hundred thousand miles
Just to see you smile
Sweet light of mine
If I were only given one more wish
You know it would be this
So Lord let it shine

I had a dream that it was judgment day
And no one even came
Celebrate the news

When they say the sky's about to rain
I will feel no pain
Only doubt
All I leave behind here are my chains
There is only gain
In breaking out

And until I find something to lose
All I want to do
Is celebrate the news

Woah any day now any day now
Woah the sky will disappear
Woah any day now any day now
Woah the sun will rise again

When they sell my kingdom for a field
I'll still only kneel
To my king
So close your little eyes so full of scorn
I have been reborn
I'm so free

And as we feel ourselves begin to burn
Maybe it's our turn
So celebrate the news

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