Lucky 7

Come Monday

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Thereæ?¯ no turning back thatæ?¯ what she said.
I stretched out the boundaries to the edge and slipped into deep dispair.
So why does this happen to me.
I know you see right through me.
So why waste another breathe.
When you stand before me I crawl back into myself.
When I stand before you, you search for somebody new.
Come Monday, find my way.
You drift from my worthless kiss.
Iæ?¦ captured by your godliness and a love thatæ?¯ slipped away.
So hold on to that feeling.
I know it has no meaning.
So why does it hurt so bad.
Sheer madness builds up inside.
Canæ?° count the tears that youæ?³e cried and Iæ?¦ the only one to blame.
So I beg you to stay.
Mondayæ?¯ another day and you might change your mind

Writer/s: Jimmy Buffett / Lucky 7