Twilight Ophera


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Shield thy folded eyes for the cleaving storm of chaos boils
Apocalypse winds scourge the seas for Leviathan now coils
Womb of mother chaos gave birth to maggots sinbred
Depravation ate the seven hearts of Vestigial sacred
Amuse me Ophion, harbinger of magenta doom
For apex of my death fades so soon
Engulf my delusions with purging anointment last
Demigods confusion where polymorphing spells cast

Treaties of balance unsworn
Scales of thousand colors and none
Vritra of countless tongues and forms
Ophiusa harmony torn

Gangrene lores bear fruits of putrid ambrosia
For I have licked the fangs of slumbering Jormungard
To poison these wilting roots of thine Yggdrasil

Slithering weeds of medusa brood
Maelstrom grows fat, Dipsas imbued
Spasms of flesh for venom to soothe
Macrocosm left to madmans solitude

Two faces hold us in rapture, bleeding mirage of Amphisbaena
Those left hand anthems of parasitic mass chant

Writer/s: Timo Puranen

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