Hanoi Rocks


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I don't wanna hurt you, I don't wanna see you cry, I don't wanna
hurt you once more, I don't wanna leave now
I don't want no sight for sore eyes, Gone sore of all the tears
that we cryed
hey come here with the guitar! OK!
Recall the times we met, so wild and free, we had our ups and we
had our downs
and the sweet sweet Rock'n'Roll playing on the Radio
We grew up and learned the rules, you gotta fight to win
otherwise you'll lose
oh Cheyenne you imprisoned me in liberty, never ever showed me
no sympathy
Remember that nite, how you made me cry, I almost lost my mind,
when it appeared
that the winner was you, and the loser was me, that nite, that
endless lonely nite
I just can't think of you, with another man, oh Cheyenne you
must understand
But now:, Stay right where you are, I'll pick you up anyway, any
day around I'll be with you
you don't have to worry, no you don't have to worry, baby don't
you worry
you don't have to worry no more
You told me that I'm to sensitive, but I didn't ask for
sympathy, all I wanted was to love you softly
with the sweet sweet Rock'n'Roll, playing on the Radio
I tried hard to fight my feelings down, I tried to hide 'em
inside, tried to push your love away
but you must have seen the fire burn in my eyes it's still
It's hard to believe, we lived it through, I can't believe we
can't relive it, but if you see me walking down the street
Just raise you window to the sweet sweet sound of Rock'n'Roll

Writer/s: Andy McCoy

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